Article from University of Texas Medical Branch Website about the Jester 4 Psychiatric Unit Visit

3/25/16: Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs

Since December 2015, Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs began visiting Jester 4 Psychiatric Unit in Richmond, Texas on a monthly basis. Volunteers come with their beloved canines to offer pet therapy to our chronically mentally ill patients on a monthly basis. Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs is a volunteer group who provide animal assisted therapy to many different places nation-wide spreading cheer to everyone they meet. The Houston Chapter has an estimated 70 caring Texans, which include their dogs that work as teams to help those in need of a smile. This organization visits nursing homes, schools, hospitals and prisons. Joan Lawrence, Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Houston Area Director, said, "We know what affect dogs can have in general. I think, with these inmates, we are doing a public service." One of the participating J4 patients, said, "When I pet the dogs, it makes me feel like I am at home again with my own dogs." The Jester 4 patients unanimously liked Abigail the Poodle, because her fur was so fluffy. The dogs put a smile on everyone's face as they wagged their tails into J4 Psychiatric unit. The volunteers are pictured above who made the 3rd journey to Jester 4 on February 27, 2016. On behalf of Jester 4 unit, we are thankful to these wonderful volunteers and their cuddly canines for volunteering their time to spread kindness and joy to our patients.

2014 Dog Show Exhibit

B&BTD Dog Show Exhibit

You might have met a few of our Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs at the Dog Show Exhibit we work hard to put on each year.  Here are a few of our dedicated therapy dogs greeting the public and educating visitors about what we do.

Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs of Houston

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