Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs of Houston

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Rules and Requirements

Our Promise: Rules and Requirements for Our Teams

Our Promise: Each team will arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled visit to walk and potty the dogs (NOT in front of the facility if at all possible). Any “accidents” inside of a facility must be cleaned up/disposed of properly. If an accident does occur, it should be reported to the team leader, who will take appropriate action.

Each handler will carry cleaning supplies for accidents at all times. Only healthy, parasite and odor free, clean animals with clean teeth and trimmed nails will be brought for visits.

Each handler will wear their Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. identification badge with the picture of the dog they are accompanying.

Handlers will keep their dog on leash at all times, using the 4’ red and white leash supplied at the time of certification/testing or other suitable 4’ lead or, for larger breeds, a “traffic lead.”

Each dog will make a minimum of 12 visits per year to remain qualified for renewing membership. Although this is a volunteer organization, if a team, of handler and dog, signs up to make a visit they are expected to make the visit or let their Captain know that they will not be able to. The residents that are expecting visits may be very disappointed if the therapy dogs do not show up and it reflects poorly on the club as a whole.

By accepting membership in this organization, members agree to follow the guidelines of the club and understand that violations may result in membership being revoked.