The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. (B&BTD) is a

non-profit organization with headquarters in New Jersey

that is dedicated to the evaluation, testing, training, and

qualification of well mannered dogs and their owners

to serve their communities as animal assisted therapy teams.

The Houston B&BTD chapter is made up of volunteers and their canine companions from all backgrounds and walks of life. Members are teachers, nurses, business people, sales people, engineers, stay at home moms, and a few are junior handlers wishing to dedicate their time to help others. More than a few are retirees who want to give back to the community while doing something gratifying with their pets.

The common bond between us is a love for our dogs and a dedication to helping others whether they are less fortunate than we are, or simply because a visit from a friendly dog does something for them that human interaction cannot. Our canine team members are much like their human counterparts. Many are mixed breeds who have been adopted from shelters and rescue organizations. Others are purebred and pedigreed with experience on the dog show circuit. Some of our dogs have won titles in obedience competitions, and some are event athletic agility dog champions. Your dog does not need to be any of these things, but it must meet certain guidelines and health standards before membership can be awarded or visits to facilities can be made.

The Houston B&BTD chapter is made up of hard working and caring Texans who love our dogs and love serving people in our communities. We would like to thank all of the individuals and organizations who have provided us support so that we can continue our therapy dog services. We would not be able to carry out our mission without the generous donations of time and space to conduct our evaluation sessions and to carry out administrative club business. In Houston, we visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and recovery facilities.

Houston is home to some of the best medical treatment facilities in the world and we often interact with hospital patients from countries across the globe. We do not charge fees for our visits, and we do not accept gratuities. We are proud to be composed exclusively of volunteers and to be able to provide the service that we do to both permanent members of our community, and those who may be visiting for medical treatment or for other reasons.

Our Philosophy: We believe that it is important for our teams to enjoy what they do and that animal assisted therapy should be an activity engaged in out of love and respect rather than for commercial or promotional purposes. When considering what therapy dog organization to join it is important to ensure your personal philosophy on the subject aligns with that of the group you are considering membership in.

For example, some organizations discourage and even prohibit members from being members of more than one therapy dog group at a time. Others require the facilities they visit to sign exclusivity clauses which prohibit the facilities from allowing other therapy dog groups to visit. Some do not allow certain breeds of dogs to be members. Make sure to ask questions and do as much research as possible when considering membership in a group as it is important that your interests are compatible.

Who We Are

Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs of Houston

-People Helping Dogs Helping People